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128GB Plug & Play

  Complete system  

Your Home Arcade Starts Here 

Save hours of time reading guides and finding games and media. 

This is a true Plug and Play solution.

RetroPie Attract mode Front end Setup and Ready to Play- Works just like Hyperspin!

The retroPie Plug and play System is 

- Quick Solution to get your home arcade running


- Hot Keys For Instant save and load states in games


- full video and box art for every system


-Preconfigured KODI for your media center


-Setup with "Attract mode" which transforms the typical retropie menu into a Hyperspin clone!



compatible with all gamepads and arcade sticks

(gamepads & HDMI Cable not included)


Whats included?

-Raspberry Pi 3 System board with case

-AC Adapter

-Preconfigured RetroPie with Attract Mode and Kodi on  128GB Micro SD Card

-Printed Quick Start guide and CD.


Included Systems - Fully setup with games, themes and artwork

Atari 2600- 648 ROMS

Atari 7800- 59 ROMS

Atari Lynx- 76 ROMS

MSX/- 567 ROMS


Nintendo Gameboy- 565 ROMS

Nintendo Gameboy Color- 535 ROMS

Nintendo Gameboy Advance- 1098 ROM

Nintendo Virtual Boy- 24 ROMS

Game & Watch- 15 ROMS

Nintendo NES- 791 ROMS

Nintendo Famicom- 90 ROMS

Nintendo SNES- 786 ROMS

Nintendo Super Famicom- 486 ROMS

Nintendo N64- 303 ROMS

Sega SG-1000- 68 ROMS

Sega Master System- 281 ROMS

Sega Genesis / Megadrive- 810 ROMS

Sega 32X- 33 ROMS

Sega CD- 25 ROMS

Sega Gamegear- 249 ROMS

SuperGrafx- 5 ROMS

TurboGrapx- 94 ROMS

PC Engine- 290 ROMS

MAME - Classic Arcade Games - 2840 ROMS

Daphne- 11 ROMS

Dreamcast- 9 ROMS

Neo Geo- 142 ROMS

Neo Geo Pocket- 9 ROMS

Neo Geo Pocket Color- 40 ROMS

Sony Playstation- 27 ROMS

Sony PSP- 5 ROMS

Sony PSP Mini- 50 ROMS

Wonder Swan- 111 ROMS

Wonder Swan Color- 85 ROMS

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